Date: July 09, 2018 Posted by: Rich Swim

New equipment brings new challenges to our engineering and manufacturing departments. All American has gone automated!

AAE has added a Holzher Lynx 7511 2 axis CNC. It's taken months of construction, planning and training to get the Lynx up and running. This machine allows for faster and more accurate cuts. It also reduces waste.

As of June of 2018 the Lynx 7511 is up and running full tilt! check it out in THIS GALLERY.

We Are Expanding

Date: October 01, 2016 Posted by: Rich Swim

To meet the needs of our ever growing client base, AAE has decided to expand to an additional manufacturing facility. After an exhusting real estate search, we have purchased the old Dollar General building here in Altamont.

Being only a stones throw away from our original facility, the new building will streamline production, broaden our office staff's capability and thrice enforce our quality commitment. We can also better utilize our workforce, storgage space and tooling equipment.

Modifing the building will begin soon. We hope to have the x square foot shop up and running by spring of 2017.

New Staff

Date: July 21, 2016 Posted by: Rich Swim

A third generation has joined the team at AAE to make a stronger, better company.

Thomas Roberts and Kassidi Brewer have fit into rolls that suits their strengths to make AAE soar into the next generation. Thomas follows in his father footsteps in the shop. Kassidi assists in the accounts payable and bookkeeping arena. God bless a younger generation that wants to work and make a business grow.

New Equipment

Date: August 13, 2016 Posted by: Rich Swim

Installation of our new sawdust collection system has begun. Micah pours the cement pad while others assemble the stand.

This new system is awesome. As well as collecting sawdust to keep shop and environment clean, it also help to heat the shop in winter and cool it in summer. If you put the collection bag inside the building heat from the machine is exhusted outside to cool the build. Put it outside and the exhust heat is pumped into the build to help warm the shop. Pretty nifty!