Our History

When Steve Roberts named his construction company All American Enterprises,

he didn't realize how well that name would fit with the American dream the company would achieve years later. All American Enterprises started small as a home based business that primarily focused on remodel construction projects. Over time the business has overcame many challenges and has now grown to become a successful family business that builds custom cabinetry and millwork for commercial projects all over the United States.

All American Enterprises had its beginnings in 1991 in Altamont, Tennessee,

when Aubrey Harper introduced Steve Roberts to Phillip Cohen, a local Mennonite cabinet-maker. Phillip Cohen was building cabinetry & millwork for new construction Wal-Mart stores in the Southeast and need someone “who could put a puzzle together.” Steve knew what Phillip meant by that statement, since the millwork was shipped in pieces and had to be put together during installation. Steve was an experienced contractor and thought it would be a good opportunity to build his business. The arrangement of Steve Roberts and All American Enterprises’ installation and Phillip Cohen’s millwork fabrication lasted until Phillip moved to Missouri and sold the business

Steve and his crews continued doing millwork installations for other manufacturers

and he continued to build the business until tragedy struck with a cancer diagnosis in 1997. Despite this obstacle, Steve fought on and kept working and running the business until his death in April of 2000. All American Enterprises continued after Steve’s death with Micah Roberts, his son, and Linda Roberts, his wife, forming a partnership to continue installing commercial millwork. In 2003 Linda and Micah switched gears and opened their own commercial millwork shop in Altamont. At first All American Enterprises primarily took overflow work from well established millwork producers but by 2009 the company once again headed in a new direction.

In 2009, Linda and Micah’s partnership grew to include Linda’s oldest son, Stephen Roberts and Lee Harper

her son-in-law. At this point All American Enterprises became a primary supplier and installers of cabinetry and millwork directly to General Contractors. The focus also expanded to supply cabinets, solid surface countertops and millwork to commercial and retail remodel projects as well as the new construction market. Linda is very proud of the fact that her family has pulled together to keep her late husband’s dream alive. Revenues of All American Enterprises have grown from $400,000 in their first year to $2.9 million today. The Company travels all over the United States to deliver cabinets and millwork. Even during the recent economic downturn the business has continued to grow.

What led to the success of All American Enterprises?

Linda attributes it to a great deal of perseverance and hard work combined with many blessings from God. Steve’s motto of “quality counts” still rings true for our cabinets and millwork. The business likes to put things in God’s hands and treat everyone they deal with from customers, to employees, to competitors with a Christian attitude. Linda shares this example, “We have great relationships with customers, our suppliers and even our competitors. Our competitors know they can call us if they run out of materials and they know we will help them anyway we can. That was how Steve did business and we are continuing to live out his dream”. She goes on to state that “I now have grand children in college who want to come back when they graduate and work in the family business. What more can you ask for?”